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blue_neptune's Journal

Fallen Angel
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This sums up me:

Across a Wire
You are Across a Wire, you are somewhat of a dual
entity; quiet and intimate in some ways,
extroverted and fun loving in others. You know
what people want though, and more often than
not you deliver.

Which Counting Crows album are you?
adam duritz, almost famous, american history x, angel, anime, ashton kutcher, astrology, ben harper, billy boyd, brad pitt, bubble boy, buffy summers, buffy the vampire slayer, casey affleck, chasing amy, chris kattan, clerks, clive barker, coldplay, colin farrell, cordelia chase, counting crows, dana carvey, danny masterson, dashboard confessional, dave matthews band, david boreanaz, david bowie, david gray, death to smoochy, dogma, dominic monaghan, drums, duncan sheik, eddie izzard, edward norton, elijah wood, er, eve 6, everwood, ewan mcgregor, fellowship of the ring, fight club, fight club icons, friends, frodo, frodo baggins, goo goo dolls, good charlotte, goonies, gross pointe blank, halloween, harry potter, heath ledger, high fidelity, hobbit icons, horror, hugh jackman, hugo weaving, j.r.r. tolkien, jack black, james marsters, jason lee, jay and silent bob, jimmy fallon, john cusack, john mayer, kate hudson, keeping the faith, labyrinth, legend, legolas greenleaf, live, lord of the rings, mallrats, matchbox twenty, memento, meriadoc brandybuck, merry, michelle branch, moulin rouge, movies, nicole kidman, nightmare before christmas, oliver hudson, orlando bloom, out of order, painting, peregrin took, pippin, pisces, playing guitar, reading, return of the king, rivers cuomo, robbie williams, robbie williams icons, rocky horror picture show, rolling stones, salvador dali, sam, scrubs, sean astin, sean bean, sean biggerstaff, sense field, sex and the city, shadowfax, shakespeare, shakespeare in love, sheryl crow, singing, sister hazel, six feet under, sleeping, snl, spike, stephen king, tatoos, tenacious d, that 70's show, the beatles, the good son, the shining, the two towers, tim meadows, tina fey, tonic, topher grace, trainspotting, valentine, velvet goldmine, viggo mortensen, weezer, will and grace, willow rosenberg, witchblade, writing, x-men, xander harris