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She only caught glimpses of him as the bodies swayed back and forth, but she was sure that as her eyes were transfixed on him, his were the same on her.

His face was unmistakeable. Those eyes. That jawline. Dominic.

Through the flashes of bodies, she thought she caught him smiling. But before she could be sure, he was being pulled away. The arm that was wrapped around his waist led to another face that she knew. Elijah.

She pushed her way through the crowd in a desperate attemt to follow. But with every body she passed, it seemed like two more came between them. The harder she tried to follow, the father away she bacame. She let out a moan as she finally gave up, and followed them with her eyes. They were headed toward the back of the club. She prayed silently that perhaps they were just going to sit down. But when they disapppeared through a back hallway, she knew they wouldn't come back.

The music that just minutes ago was so theraputic to her suddenly became unbearable. She put her hands over her ears and turned toward the front door. Bodies seemed to part for her now as she made her way to the exit.

She stepped out the exit and was welcomed by a fresh night breeze and peaceful silence. She turned and began to walk towards the parking lot, but was suddenly forced to stop as her entire body became heavy, and she almost lost the will to stand. She turned and braced herself on the building, resting her forehead against the cool brick, she took a deep breath.

After several minutes, she again began to walk to her car. As she turned right at the back of the building, she slammed so hard into something that in her already weakened state, she fell to the ground and landed hard on her butt. She sat for several seconds before the sound of an unmistakeable laugh filled her ears. It was shrill and child-like. She rose to her feet to find Elijah Wood, bent over so far that, if it weren't for the hysterical laughter, one might mistake his position for that of someone who was expelling all the alcohol from their system.

She jumped as she felt a hand grasp her arm.

'I'm so sorry. He's a bit far gone. Are you alright?'

She wasn't sure how long it was before she could make the word 'yes' come out of her mouth, but it seemed like an eternity. Standing there, with her hand now clasped between his, she stared into Dominic's eyes.

She came back to reality as Elijah spoke.

'I think I just pissed myself!' he giggled.

Elise pulled her hand out from between Dominic's and shyly said, 'I'm fine. Although, your friend might need a bit of help.'

'Him? Nah. This is normal. Actually, tonight he seems to still be somewhat coherent.'

'Dom,' Elijah said as he threw his arms around Dom's neck from behind, 'why are we still standing here? She said she's fine.'

'I guess it's because someone has to apologize for you being a drunken bloke,' he snapped back.

Elise blushed. 'Really, I'm fine. It takes more than a little tumble to take me out.'

'See! She's fine!' Elijah said as he tugged on Dom's arm.

'Are you sure?'


She reached into her pocket and pulled out the key to her car as Dom finally gave in to Elijah's incessant nagging and began to walk backwards with Elijah's tugging.

'I'm really sorry about this all,' he said as he turned away from her. She began to walk towards her car, but couldn't keep herself from turning around and taking another glimpse at him. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw that he was doing the same thing.


That's it for tonight I think ;)
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