Fallen Angel (blue_neptune) wrote,
Fallen Angel

It Must Have Been Love

The music pulsed so loudly that night. She didn't care. From the time she walked in the door of the club, her cares would stay at the door, waiting patiently for her, until the the moment she walked out into the blinding morning.

The pounding of the bass was almost theraputic to her. It made her feel alive. She imagined it as her own pulse, and that she and every other person on the dance floor had become one solid entity. Her senses drowned, and the faces all blurred together.

But tonight, when Elise closed her eyes she felt alone. Instead of sinking into the crowd, she felt as though there was a spotlight shining on her. She opened her eyes and searched for that light, but it wasn't there. Something else was. He was.
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