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Title: Whispers in the Night
Author: silentwalkaway
Archive: N/A
Pairing: Dom/Lijh/Billy
Rating: PG (sexual references)
Feedback: Yes Please!
Summary: The Hobbits are curious about things said in the heat of the night...
Authors note: This is from a challenge that domhobbitzes gave me a few day before I left for my trip, and my challenge was this picture: title or description

'You know, it's not THAT funny you two' Elijah said as he, Dom and Billy sat down.

'Sure it is Lijh!' snorted Billy, 'yeh might as well have put honey and coffee grounds on your face if you wanted to have facial hair!'

'Speaking of honey, what exactly was it you called me last night Dom?'

'I don't know what you're talking about Lijh...'

'Yeah, I was gonna ask that too!'

'I don't know what you two are talking about...'

'I think it was something about you Elijah,' Billy said.

'I thought so!'

'C'mon Dom! Fess up! We're all adults here! And anyway, I've got years on ya! I bet there's nothing I haven't heard!'

'I said it before you two, I didn't say anything of the sort last night!'

'Oh, is Dommie afraid we caught his sexy-wexy baby-waby talkie walkie?' Elijah sniggered.

'No, I just know I didn't say anything remotely close to the word honey, nor did I reference your butt.'

'Well,' Billy sighed, 'I guess if you won't tell us now, we'll just have to do without you tonight.'

Dom's eyes went wide. 'You can't do that!' he yelped.

'Oh yes we can!'

'I don't know Bill, doesn't that seem a little harsh?'

'Oh c'mon Lijh, don't you want to know what he said?'

They both stared at Dom, who was looking down at his hands.

'Look, how about I say it again tonight you guys? I mean, it's just not the kinda thing you say sitting in a public crowd, you kow?'

'Hmm, I don't know about that,' Billy sighed, 'let me confer with the other members of the jury...'

Elijah and Billy leaned in in front of Dom and whispered to each other. Dom tried to decipher what they were saying, but it was no use over the screams of all the fans.

'Well love, we've reached a decision.'

'Yep,' Elijah giggled.

'You can say it again tonight, as long as you say "I want to hump you like a bunny!" ' Billy said as he and Elijah burst into laughter.


'Oh screw you two!' Dom yelled, 'I knew you were lying!'

'Oh, don't worry Dom,' Billy said as he put a hand on Dom's knee, 'at least you don't wrinkle your nose like one when you're getting--'

'Hey!' Elijah screamed.

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