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Title: Roses From My Friends
Author: silentwalkaway
Archive: N/A
Pairing: Monaboyd
Rating: R (language)
Feedback: Yes Please!
Summary: Sometimes the things you're closest to are the ones that can hurt you the most...
Author's Note: This is the first installment in a series inspired by one of my favorite Ben Harper songs.

'Amazing, isn't it?' Billy said as he and Dom lay in bed watching the sunrise.

'You're amazing,' Dom replied with a smirk as he rolled over and placed his head on Billy's chest. He traced circles on Billy's stomach while Billy ran his hand through Dom's hair. He liked when Dom grew his hair out. He always thought he looked best that way.

'We should have more mornings like this,' Dom said, reaching an arm across Billy's torso.

Billy said nothing.


Dom arrived back at the flat at around 5 P.M.

'Bill?' he called as he shook the rain off his jacket and set his bag down in the hall. 'Bill, you here?'

There was no answer.

Dom proceeded to take his shoes off when he noticed that the bottoms of his jeans were also soaked from the rain. 'And this day started off so beautiful, too,' he thought to himself. He removed his pants and headed towards the bedroom, but on the way something caught his eye. Sitting on the table, was a piece of paper with a picture of him and Billy on it. Below the picture in the caption line, he read the words that cut through him like a knife. 'More than just good friends and co-stars?' it said. Dom had come across things like this many times. But this time was different. He did not leave this article sitting here. Billy did.

When it came to their relationship and the media, they often just pretended, like many of their fans, to believe that there was nothing going on. It was so much easier for both of them that way. Then, nothing had to be said, and they wouldn't be constantly plagued by the idea that they had to define their relationship. But now something had to be said. 'Bill wouldn't leave something like this sitting out on accident,' Dom thought, 'no, there has to be more to this.'

He removed the picture from the table and headed into the bedroom to put on a cleaner -not to mention dryer- pair of pants. He then went back into the kitchen and sat down at the table and waited for Billy to get back from wherever he had gone.
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Somehow I missed this before... but I loved it so far. Off to read the next part! ;)